The Nighthawk Bedwetting device was originally created by Richard, an optical laser engineer working with NASA in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Richard created the product for his son who was suffering from nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting). 

In the mid 2000s, Brian Boholt, an Australian resident originally heralding from Denmark but a long term Australian resident, was in search of a solution to bed wetting issues he was experiencing with his son. Brian had also suffered from bed wetting himself as a child, and consequently became a light sleeper due to the fear of going on sleepovers and later being sent to boarding school and not wanting to wake up embarrassed!

In the hope of preventing his son from going through the same humiliation and trauma as he had as a child, he researched and trialled many bedwetting products on the market before finally discovering the Nighthawk Bedwetting device. When it resolved the bed wetting issue with his son within just two weeks of using the device, he was ecstatic to have found a solution to the families concerns.

But it wasn't until a friend of his son came to sleepover at the age of 14 with the same bedwetting issue, that Brian realised how widespread the problem of bedwetting was. This led him to reach out to Nighthawk for more products to be shipped out to Australia, only to discover the previous owner was retiring and planning to close the business down.

Dismayed that such product that has been so helpful for his family was potentially going to stop production, he offered to buy the business, ultimately taking over in 2014.

Since then Brian has worked closely with teams of technicians globally to constantly evolve the product based on his clients feedback, and today the company are confident that the Nighthawk Bedwetting device is one of the safest, most discreet and successful products available on the market.

It is Brian's hope to prevent as many of the 10% of children in the world who experience bedwetting issues  future generations from experiencing unnecessary humiliation and trauma, so they can get back to the fun aspects of being a kid, such as bedtime stories, sleep overs and pillow fights.