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Say goodbye to midnight washing

with the nighthawk bedwetting alarm

No child wants to wet the bed. Confused and embarrassed, the emotional trauma of bedwetting can be significant, and they often wonder, “why me?”. Helpless and frustrated parents feel like it’s an impossible situation. For everyone involved, putting a permanent stop to bedwetting can’t come soon enough.

Luckily, there is a safe, effective cure - and it doesn’t involve any nasty drugs or chemicals. And the best part - it can work in a matter of weeks, if not days.

The Nighthawk Bedwetting Alarm is an bedwetting treatment alarm with a success rate of over 90%. Trusted by parents and backed by pediatricians, the Nighthawk is a state-of-the art conditioned response enuresis alarm. Put simply, it trains your child’s brain to wake up and use the toilet.

How Does It Work

A small and discreet wireless wearable device, the Nighthawk creates a small sound and vibration when the first trace of urine is detected, safely waking your child over time until they do so naturally.

How Long Does It Take?

Many children will stop bedwetting within a few days of using the Nighthawk, others may take up to 8 weeks before it is eradicated completely. Every child is different, but almost all will be successful with a little patience.

Why Does My Child Wet The Bed?

There is a range of possible reasons, but most experts agree the cause lies in a waking response that is not quite fully developed. It goes beyond just being a “heavy sleeper”, which is great news as it means it can be treated! It’s important to remember bedwetting is completely normal and affects 7.3% of all primary school-aged children. Despite common belief, it is not a result of your child being rebellious or lazy, or drinking fluids late at night.

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    The Nighthawk enuresis conditioning alarm has been an integral part of the treatment algorithm for nocturnal enuresis in our specialty clinics for more than 15 years.

    As a specialist dedicated to the treatment of urinary incontinence, I enthusiastically and unconditionally recommend this product.
    In an industry geared towards pharmicotherapy, parents are delighted to learn that conditioning alarms have a significantly higher treatment efficacy than medication, with no side effects and much lower incidence of relapse.  Whereas medications tend to hide symptoms as we wait for the child to naturally outgrow enuresis, conditioning alarms offer a lasting cure.

    Kevin Olson, P.A.-C Division of Pediatric Urology

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    Wow! The Night Hawk is amazing. Our doctor told us about it when our daughter was 5. We thought it sounded dumb and expensive. When she was 7, a psychologist told us to try it. We thought the same thing. When she turned 9, a new doctor told us the same thing, so I finally ordered it. The first night it woke her three times, so she didn’t want to use it the next night. But we stuck with it. Each night she peed less. It’s been eleven nights, and she’s been dry the last four!!!!!!!!!!!! She is SO proud of herself! This is the BEST thing we’ve ever bought! Thank YOU for this product!!!!!


  • “Retrained the brain"

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    My eleven year old autistic son had never had a dry night. Watching his fluid intake didn’t help. He’d become combative when we tried to wake him to use the bathroom, and would flat refuse to go. When I stumbled onto the Night Hawk site, he wanted to stay dry and was excited to try it. The first couple weeks were a lesson in patience! I hadn’t realized he was wetting 3 or 4 times a night. But soon he was getting up and changing his own clothes, and before long, the sheets remained dry. I’d had no real expectations for this product, and just hoped it might save on some laundry. I didn’t expect it to help so much, but it has definitely retrained his brain. I am so grateful. Thank you so much!


We’ve helped almost 100 000 children overcome bedwetting. If you and your child are not 100% satisfied,

we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.



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Nighthawk is one of the world's’ favourite bedwetting alarm! A discrete, cordless, wearable smart device, Nighthawk is a “conditioned response enuresis” alarm that will safely wake your child when the first drop of moisture is detected, before it spreads and becomes a big problem. Over time - on average, a few weeks - they will associate this sensation with a full bladder and wake naturally.

Nighthawk has a 90% effectiveness rate in treating bedwetting, helping children sleep better and wake up happier.