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Traumatic effects of bedwetting in school aged children – how we can help

Bedwetting can have devastating psychological effects, and so it is important as parents and carers to source effective bedwetting treatment options. In this article we would shed light on traumatic effects of bedwetting in children.
Traumatic effects of bedwetting in school aged children – how we can help

When bed wetting persists into the middle school age group, it becomes a very psychological as well as physical problem for the bedwetter. Situations like school camps or sleepovers start to become more frequent and usually involve a few nights away from home. These are typically very fun times for children and an issue like bedwetting can turn it into a living nightmare.

Whilst most children would, in the lead up to something like this, be very excited about the idea, a child suffering from bedwetting will be loathing the prospect of waking up in a wet bed with all their friends around.

P Claridge from Queensland, a primary school teacher for many years has seen it all when it comes to excuses or explanations about why their child may not be able to attend certain events. She comments “Parents are often reluctant to acknowledge the child’s problem to outsiders and are themselves at a loss as to how to help their child overcome bedwetting. Sometimes they have only told family, and the worn out, ‘They’ll grow out of it’ just isn’t helping with the problem at hand.”

As well as being an issue for parents and other siblings, bedwetting is extremely traumatic for the child. They can be overwhelmed with feelings of being different and ostracized. Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding the issue, bedwetters can experience strong feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame and incompetence.

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So whether you’re an educator, a parent or a friend of someone who is struggling with bedwetting, it is up to us to dismantle the negative social stigmas around bedwetting and do our best to help those struggling. Seeking outside help is not a sign of failure. Finding a solution that works for your child is incredibly noble and the reward of seeing a bedwetter overcome the issue will be a joyous reward that neither of you will forget.

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